Infinity Global Mandiri

Infinity, provide some products & services, that guarantee the quality. To provide Our broader range, We continually increases its presence through adding products with many current options, and establish a good relationship with agents and factory, through a global network. Infinity offers comprehensive services, providing quality-controlled for the product that we sell. We want you to walk away from your experience with us having the best tool and the right knowledge for your application, we would like as your business expands. To meet your needs, you can count on our best quality products & services.

To become one of the Valuable, Advanced  and Reliable companies in the industry.
Always provide the latest product by introducing reliable, effective and appropriate technology with full technical support.
To provide high quality products & services for customer statisfaction

Ensure optimum service that can be relied upon to prioritize satisfaction of a good working relationship and mutual benefit are assured of quality and quantity. Be the trusted advisor of the customers for all their needs. Grow the business rapidly while maintaining
the highest Quality of Service Lead the  market with innovation and adaptability.

We are compliance to ISO 45001: 2018, ISO 14001: 2015, ISO 9001: 2015 and Certificate of Occupational Safety & Health Management System,
we are committed to continuously improve our Total Quality culture so we can meet and exceed our customers’
expectations so as to become their preferred supplier for all fastener needs.