Infinity Global Mandiri

Our Core Values

To be yours Preferred worthiness values enterprise partner and resource full connection hub for your naval dreams come true and beyond expectations the delivery of services and brands, lead time delivery, total quality, total services at Optimum  level of Cost Value which wont suffering all.

Highlight of Core Values

    • Courage passion prestige and prides
    • Never ends valuing capacity and capability building
    • Time precious and unlimited borderless maritime universe but connected
    • Corporative and cooperative elaboration transformation and enhancement 
    • Sustainability readiness and compliance ,
    • Thoughtfulness and resourcefulness
    • Compliance and Values Beyond Calls for Manning and  Commissioning Into Duties
    • Integrity, Honor & Respect
    • Smarter sustainability and environment
    • Health and Safety First Prioritized
    • Have an orientation to Sustainable Development Goals
    • Be elaborative to code of conducts of human right’s, world conventions, IMO convention, Class and Enterprise ship

Organization Structure

struktur galangan