20 Years of Our Initial Debut & Remarks

  • “Infinity Global Mandiri” was founded in year of 1997 and committed to be official general supplier to Indonesia Military Force at the very first phase of our commercial activities. Our first 10 years debut as official general supplier to Indonesia Military Force was began by supplying personnel body armor protection which mostly was imported from overseas, and partially such were domestic development. We started our learning years and remarked as official general supplier that Providing with the forces and the best-possible protection.
  • After being remarked as well developing and commited official general supplier in assisting Indonesia Military Force in the planning of wide range of troops equipment and assure maximum support over the services then we planned to be well prepared to enter our next 10 years as second phase  to supply and fulfill stages of what the Indonesian military needed, we were then registered as official general suppler in Indonesia Ministry of Defense.
  • Then we are started our second phase by necessary capacity building and acquired well respected brand license in military supplies so we are supplying our new expertise and experience by ICT, Mechanized Engineered Armor, ranged of supplies and supports related to Arms & Explosives
  • This second phase experience, establishment will be valuable lesson learning for further characterized capacity building, well recognition of Government & Military cultures, systems, chains of command and special design supply chains protocol and systems that will be our valuable intangible capital before we entering Next Phase and all neccesity neccessity not just for business develoment and business growth but to create importance breakwith Stakeholders then remarkable breakthrough as our signature ahead as Highlighted Privileged Strategic Partner in the Industry.


Phase 3 of Infinity Global Mandiri

  • 2016-2017 was very important year for Infinity Global Mandiri to have an unparalled opportunity to answer Call of Challenge from Indonesia Ministry of Defense to follow an auction that will awarded “KAL 28 Patrol Boat Shipbuilding Project” by 3rd Quarter YTD 2016. The KAL 28 Patrol Boat then will be delivered and operated by our Indonesia Navy Force for alll Naval Base & will be Naval Base Patrol Boat , as NavalForce Patrolling toFleet  Conduct Total Maritime Security Conduct .
  • By those project , Indonesia Authority has grand design Strategic Plan, for Maritime Geo Economy & Maritime Security Economics Activation. It was plotted  by initiate activate and enhance a group of Shipyards as “Limited Associates of Strategic Industry for Naval Shipbuilding & Engineeering”, to support  and continue next and advanced works. Then all Patrol Boat crafted by the group will be essential Naval force to conduct Naval Patrol for Maritime Security , Ensure and  Enhance the climate & opportunity of Archipelagic Maritime Geo Economy & Marine Life Economy.
  • This Finesse Outcomes of KAL 28 Project, sooner will be are our foundation & compass in further step in, do further , advancing set up and raise or Flags to be Remarked in Maritime & Naval Engineering Industry. We works our order in 9 (nine months) and scoring sea worthiness and compliance of requirements & Preference “Cost Values” “Best Price”, ”Prior Lead Time Delivery”, Total Quality Outcomes & Assurance)” for “Safety” , Acceleration & Speed” to Join Indonesia Naval Force Fleet”( Boats are Christened, register as Indonesia State & Government Assets for Maritime Security0Maritime Defense , will be Operated by Indonesia Navy Force and already have official callsigns are KAL Bungaran & KAL Labengki , KAL BUNGARAN & KAL Labengki are waiting its day for Commissioning and Duty Calls)
  • Infinity Global Mandiri starting remarkable credentials & snowballing effects in our transition period and early phase of Initiatives & Pre Transformation in Enterprising Infinity Global Mandiri Transformation. We are “reborn”   while we step in as Newborn Baby Stakeholder”for Naval Shipbuildingworks
  • Infinity Global Mandiri , start initiatives to enterprising the strategic business unit and flag brandingYTD 2018 as “Infinity Naval Dreamworks”