PT. Infinity Global Mandiri - Military Equipment, Shipbuilding, EOD, Event Organizer, ICT

PT. Infinity Global Mandiri

  • ICTServices

    Information and Communications Technologies, Data Center, Network Security, Cyber Defence, IT Management Consulting, Software Developer. ICT is growing rapidly in the last two decades, becoming align with other technologies in affecting the lives of many people, so it becomes a vital sector for the development of nation and state.
  • EventOrganizer

    Event and Exhibition Organizer. Creative agency solutions and marketing service provider. From print design to integrated marketing communication we do it all under one roof, imperative to compliment your strategy and marketing needs. We have years of experience in implementing unique and highly successful promotional programs. Infinity is recognized for its high quality program conceptualization, execution, results and maintained relationships with our partners.
  • MilitaryEquipment

    Military Equipment, EOD, Spare parts for Military Vehicle, Weapon Oils, Military Surveillance, Underwater Vehicle. Infinity is the leader in providing security and anti-terrorist equipment, especially in the detection, and bomb disposal in Indonesia. Infinity supports the fight against terrorism. Infinity provides integrated security solutions to protect and save our nations.
  • Shipbuilding

    Provides shipbuilding, ship design, maintenance and repair, industrial manufacturing, engineering, navigation and communication, supply chain management and quality and technical services.
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